"If you've never failed when trying to do something new, you're not trying hard enough.

Error generates wisdom and clears a path for success"

Virtual Reality has always been my heart. It's the future and I'm always drawn forward. VR offers the opportunity to do things that never could be done any other way. - Bob Ladrach

Video Production

A lifetime of looking through the lens.

I love telling stories with video. Building emotional connections to characters and getting viewers intimately involved in a film is the biggest achievement. 


I've worked in news, corporate training programs, product marketing, and dramatic productions. Though the technology changes the basic techniques of putting together an effective video do not.


Traditional and Digital 2D / 3D .

I started with claymation and miniatures on Super8 then progressed to digital 2D/3D animation and I'm still learning new software and new techniques to add to my experience.


Animation takes lots of patience and attention to detail. You spend a lot of time working by yourself in front of a monitor. Does it get any better?


"The beauty of writing is pure creativity. Never scrimp on a new idea, if you need to change it later, it's only a delete key away."


Author, Screenplays and Technical Writer.

There are times in my writing where I feel guilty for letting my characters sit frozen in a tense situation in a story. It's almost like they're calling out to move on; like they're waiting for you.


My first two novels were the most difficult projects to complete. It's very easy to feel overwhelmed when you've re-written something 5 or 6 times and you know that you aren't finished until it's published.  

"I've heard it said you should specialize in a single field. I'd rather learn as much as I can about what interests me than to have regrets that I didn't try."


Photoshop, After Effects and Pen and Pencil

Illustrator work, 3D visualization, and hand-drawn graphics are in my portfolio. Some end up as published pieces others like the stained glass graphics were for windows in my house.



Photoshop has been the most amazing tool in my toolbox. I love to try different tools and techniques to bring images to life.

"A computer is simply another tool for expression. A good story can be made in any medium." 



Programming for training and games.

I've been creating games and training programs since my college days. The platforms have changed over the years but interactivity is always about logical interface design; to make it easy for the user to navigate and interact with your content.

My latest work is in Unity, creating VR/AR apps for Android.

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